You Are Being Lied To, Tricked And Manipulated!!!

I want you to read every sentence on this page because it can save you hours of frustration and money...

I thought long and hard about blowing the lid of the various scams used to separate you from your money and I decided if I use a public site I would be safe (you have no idea what some of these people are capable of doing to a website) so here goes....

Jump Directly To The Best Legitimate Maqui Site

You see, whenever you search for information about products like Maqui, Acai or the newest diet pill to hit the Internet you are almost always going to get a couple of types of sites returned to you that have a common theme.

They are review sites or they extol the virtues of the product by saying how great the product is and how well it worked for them.

Some sites even conveniently compare several competing Maqui products and then proceed to tell you which one is the best and how it will work wonders in your life. But...

Here's The Truth The Internet Marketers Don't Want You To Know...

The vast majority of those sites are fake! They exist for only one reason and that is to get you to click on a link and buy their crappy Maqui (or diet pill) product so they can earn a commission. They could care less about you and are only interested in the sale.

It’s called affiliate marketing and some of them are so good at it that they make thousands of dollars a day. The top guys employ teams of 'virtual assistants' in places like the Philippines (a couple hundred a month gets you a college educated VA) that do nothing but build links to their sites to boost them up in the search engines.

Here are just a couple of their closely guarded secrets...

'The Fake Review Site'

Let’s take the simple review site as our first example. This will usually be written by a “woman” and might even have a picture on the side to add to the impression that the site is run by a female.

Of course this “person” has tried the product and had great results using it. For Maqui Berry pills maybe they lost weight or slept better, etc.

A smart marketer will always put in one negative that really isn’t that bad to add to the believability of the review and finish up with a recommended site where they personally buy their product from. Look for mostly positive fake comments from people with maybe one negative comment that gets answered by the 'author' to help the commenter see the light. Very convincing to the average web surfer isn't it?

Really good marketers will check your IP address and display a message based on the city you live in like, “How a Mom in Toledo lost 35 pounds in 4 weeks” to make it look like a local person is running the site. Another sneaky tactic to personalize your experience and make you feel warm and fuzzy and in the buying mood.

You will also never see a bad review on this type of site because you won’t buy a bad product right?

'The Product Comparison Site'

This site has gone to the trouble of saving you lots of your precious time by evaluating three competing products and making a recommendation as to which one is the best. Hint: It’s usually the most expensive!

The beauty of this site is that they make you think they have actually compared these products and chose the best one for you but in reality they make money on any of the three so it doesn’t matter to them which one you buy.

Typical of both of these sites is the use of very general information about the products usually taken directly from the merchant's site and many times the writing reads as if it were written by someone that is a non-native English speaking person.

Sneaky marketers will send you to completely different sites once you click on the link. As an example, I recently investigated a 3 product comparison site for Maqui Berry pills and each of the 3 product links went to the same Acai berry site.

'The Scam/Warning Site'

This is an extremely popular and effective type of site that uses a phony scare tactic to get you to read their sales letter. They make you think there is some secret information that you must know before you mistakenly buy the wrong Maqui supplement but in reality it is some lame excuse to get you to buy from them. Once again, the product they are pushing is always favorably reviewed.

Folks, It Gets Worse...

Like everything in life there are good products and there are bad products. Most of the health related products marketed this way are bad products.

They are either made with fillers and additives or the active ingredient is so watered down that you get no benefit from them at all.

In the case of Maqui berry products you might be getting a small portion of Maqui that is from berries that have lost their potency a long time ago due to delayed processing.

In other words, you are getting a product that provides little value to you. To add insult to injury, many of these cheaply made products offer a “free trial” so you can try them before you buy.

There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Trial!!!

Sadly, the people that fall for the free trials never read the fine print buried 10 pages deep in the site’s terms of service page that authorizes them to start automatically shipping AND billing you if you don’t cancel your “subscription” within a certain number of days.

Trying to cancel these billing agreements is about as much fun as getting dental work without novocaine.

The company will give you the runaround as long as they can so they can keep billing you for their substandard product. You will hear every excuse in the book and then some as they try and fix the situation. This scam has gotten so bad that the FTC and BBB are getting involved to try and stop people from getting ripped-off.

Is There Any Legitmate Maqui Berry Site?

Right now I want to say upfront that the product I am going to suggest you take a look at will earn me a commission. That's right, if you click on the link I am going to provide I will get a small fee if you buy the product BUT (and this is important) you will pay EXACTLY the same price if you went to the site through any other link on the Internet so it isn't costing you a penny extra.

Hopefully I have gained your trust and earned my fee by exposing the type of sites you do not want to buy from. That's only fair right?

The Maqui site I am asking you to check out has the highest concentration of pure, fresh Maqui Berry in it's product and does not offer an auto-ship program for your safety and convenience. No sneaky sales tactics here.

Their Maqui Pill is so good they have a 91% reorder rate but in case you aren't happy with the product they have a 180 day 100% money back guarantee to take away any risk on your part.

So that's it. I guess in a way this site is about the Maqui Berry but I honestly don't know of a site that can explain the benefits of Maqui better than the one you are going to click off to in a second and I felt it was more important for you to know what to watch out for when you decide to buy a Maqui Berry product.

Now I want you to click on the link below and discover how the Maqui Berry can improve your health like it has for so many others...

Maqui Berry